I am not a clever man

(Im bored and in a beauty mood,ill continue on with this face care stuff.) I have incredibly sensitive skin, to the point where even the gentlest moisturizers will burn my face to the point where i wipe have to it off. The nicest moisturizers i have ever found are aveeno’s ultra-calming daily moisturizer and the body shop’s aloe soothing night cream (aloe is really nice for redness and irritated skin if you didn’t know). They barely sting my face and i usually use them after i wash my face at night. They can make the skin fairly greasy in an oily t-zone though, so use it sparingly throughout the day time. The aveeno moisturizer is better when it comes to oiliness, it causes the least shininess between the two.
Just for some honorable mentions, i used yes to cucumbers soothing daily calming moisturizer for a while. Its pretty nice and has a nice pump, but i think i remember it occasionally causing irritation. The simple replenishing rich moisturizer is ok, but it does sting if my skin gets too dry. I use it as a quick relief for dry spots in the morning if needed, but it can make the skin shiny.
Good luck to everyone in this awfully dry and cold winter, take care of your face and protect it from the elements!

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